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Sandra Izsa, M.S. CCC-SLP, RYT 200

Certified in Yoga for the Special Child Basic 1

Certified ChildLight Yoga & Mindfulness for Children Instructor

Sandy is a licensed speech and language pathologist with over 20 years of experience in working with both children and adults.  She is an advocate for all people and a believer in yoga’s ability to improve the quality of life for all individuals.  Sandy is a RYT 200 instructor in affiliation with the yoga alliance, a certified practitioner of Yoga for the Special Child Basic 1, and a certified ChildLight Yoga and Mindfulness for Children instructor. She offers private yoga sessions and yoga classes for typically developing children as well as children with special needs.  Including yoga in her work with children with special needs has proven invaluable.  As a speech pathologist, Sandy is continuously monitoring an individual’s strength, stability, motor imitation abilities, and breath control.  The regular practice of yoga has aided children in developing these critical skills. The affect yoga has had on children’s ability to self sooth, focus, trust, and connect has changed the relationship between Sandy and the children she works with in a profound way.  Experiencing the passion for learning displayed by both typical children and those with special needs while participating in group yoga classes has brought Sandy such joy.  She truly loves hearing parents report that their children are sharing not only the yoga poses they have learned in class but the yoga principles discussed during class as well.    It is Sandy’s passion to bring yoga into the lives of those in her community and to help guide individuals in their journey toward improved health, happiness, and balance.

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