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Foundations Yoga

10-12 Elmer Street Madison, NJ 07940

Zoom classes and live in studio classes available.
We are open for in studio private crystal healing, private reiki sessions and shopping appointments!

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About Foundations

Foundations Yoga is a boutique style studio that embraces both a traditional and therapeutic approach to yoga helping our community develop a greater sense of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

As a studio, it is our philosophy that yoga should be accessible to all people. Your experience at Foundations will include small class sizes taught by a highly qualified staff that is present to provide a supportive and personalized experience.

Although we do offer classes for practitioners with a variety of levels of experience, the majority of our classes are designed for beginners and those looking for classes that are therapeutic in nature.

We have a unique focus on energy work including reiki and crystal healing. Foundations offers private Reiki and Crystal Healing services as well as a boutique that has everything you need to support your individual energetic practices. 

Our boutique is open for shopping by appointment.  Upon entering the boutique you will find a wide variety of hand selected crystals, handmade mala bracelets, sage, palo santo, incense, candles, essential oil sprays, harem pants, shirts, books and so much more!

Our studio is in Madison, conveniently located for people looking for yoga in Morristown, Chatham, Florham Park and surrounding areas!

Take the first step in your journey today and allow us to guide you in developing a practice that is comfortable, sustainable and fun! 

Foundations is not a hot yoga studio.


Class Descriptions

Fundamentals of Yoga Beginner's Class

The Fundamentals of Yoga beginner’s class will move at a relaxed pace. Together we will focus on preparatory poses and learning to form a connection between your mind and your body through movement and breath. This class will help to demystify some of the terms that are used in yoga classes and provide a foundation for which to build a sustainable yoga practice. Fundamentals of Yoga is appropriate for those who have never taken a yoga class, individuals recovering from injury and seasoned yogis who would like to return to the basics. Yoga truly is for everyone. If you can breath, you can do yoga.

Beginner's Yoga

Introduction to yoga poses, breath work and meditation allowing the practitioner to build a strong foundation and yoga practice.  This class is includes simple breath work followed by standing, sitting, prone and supine poses.  There is a strong emphasis on alignment using props and modifications to maximize the benefits of each pose.  The poses explored in this class are the building blocks to intermediate and advanced postures.  Beginner's yoga is designed to be comfortable and accessible to all levels of practitioners.   

Back Care Basics

Back Care Basics is designed to provide yoga postures that strengthen the back, strengthen the core and lengthen the muscles that contribute to back pain. Specific sequences are designed to help improve and maintain the health of the spine. This class is appropriate for those that have chronic back pain, sciatica and reduced range of motion.

Back Care Basics is intended for beginners as well as seasoned yogis who are interested in a gentle mindful practice.  This class is not intended to be a replacement for medical care.  Back care basics is not recommended for someone in acute pain.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a form of yoga that seeks to provide physical, mental and emotional relaxation. This class is about slowing down, quieting the mind and opening the body through passive postures. Props are used to fully support the body providing an opportunity for complete relaxation. A restorative sequence typically involves a gentle warm up followed by five or six postures that are held long enough for the body to enter into a state of "rest and digest." A short guided meditation is often included during your savasana. No Yoga experience required!

Chair Yoga

This class is designed to be a combination of safe strength building, stretching and relaxation. Chair yoga includes seated, standing and floor postures. The chair is used to provide support, stability and proper alignment.  Class concludes with relaxing restorative postures using the floor or your chair as a prop.

Intermediate Level Vinyasa

In this dynamic style vinyasa class, the focus is on connecting your breath with your movement. Each class begins with a few moments of grounding, connecting with the breath, and releasing active chatter in the mind. Heat is built up through the class as we transition through poses intended to challenge and strengthen both the body and the mind. This class is intended for those with some yoga experience. Modifications will be offered throughout class as well as challenges for more advanced yogis. Cues to encourage proper alignment and proper use of props will be offered. You will sweat, you move, you will breathe!

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a quieter, more meditative and introspective practice in which postures are held for 2‐5 minutes. Holding postures allows us to observe the body's sensations and create a profound connection with the inner workings of the body.

Yin benefits the deeper tissues of the body, fascia, ligaments, tendons, joints, and bones. This slow paced practice improves flexibility and circulation while it helps to calm the mind and body.  All levels are welcome.

Flow and Let Go

This is a hatha/vinyasa advanced beginner's class.  The first half of the class includes a flow to warm up and loosen the body.  The second half of the class includes a 30 minute restorative practice designed to allow the practitioner to relax and let go.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle yoga is a variation of hatha yoga. Gentle yoga helps increase mobility and flexibility in a slow, steady approach. Each movement is linked with breath as we gradually move into a posture that is then held for a few breaths. The preparation and fluid movement will help support the joints, muscles and connective tissues as well as help improve overall flexibility and strength.  This class will move at a slow steady pace with some modifications to common yoga poses.  Gentle yoga is not intended to be a replacement for yoga therapy.


Can't say enough about Foundations. Been looking for quite a while for the right fit. So happy I found Foundations. Great instructors, wonderful community. I feel very much at home. Just attended chakra workshop very informative. I look forward to attending other workshops. I started with alot of issues with neck and hip pain. Happy to say haven't felt this good in a couple of years. Thank you Sandy for all you have done for me!

This beautiful gem of a studio has a lovely crystal shop, dedicated teachers and a variety of classes to keep your practice inspired. The owner, Sandy, is knowledgeable and accessible and has personally assisted me with crystal purchases. The Online class options have been thoughtful, varied and challenging.

A silver lining of Covid has been that I’ve been able to do zoom yoga with Foundations. I live in Boston and my college roommate, Deb Kephart, teaches at Foundations, which drew me there. It’s true, Sandy is so warm and helpful. Debbie is a seasoned yoga teacher. She methodically warms up each joint as we move through a variety of sequences. No class is the same, encouraging a beginners mindset. I bought a long term pass and am enjoying Sunday morning classes with other teachers who are also very knowledgeable and inclusive. Community is so important, especially during Covid. I’m glad I’ve discovered this one.

There are so many great qualities about Foundations Yoga. But first and foremost, it’s the sense of community that I most enjoy. I found my way to FY through a friend and have driven 25 minutes to go to this studio. It’s well worth the drive because of the calming atmosphere, the support of my fellow participants, as well as the amazing instructors. Each teacher is very in tuned to your individual needs both physically and emotionally. The studio itself has always been exceptionally clean and inviting even prior to covid. Because my work hours are unpredictable the zoom classes have been an added benefit. There are many class options at multiple levels and at convenient times. I look forward to the day we can all be back in the studio together.


Sandy, the owner at Foundations, is a gifted crystal/energy healer. The space she has created in Madison, NJ is simply put, “magical.” From the first time I stumbled upon this special gem of a studio, I felt the energy of the space and was greeted by warm smiles and a beautiful selection of crystals. They also offer a variety of yoga classes by very experienced staff along with healing crystal/ energy sessions with Sandy. My crystal healing session with Sandy was amazing. I highly recommend Foundations Yoga in Madison,NJ. It’s a beautiful space of healing and yoga.

Foundations is so much more then a yoga studio, or community, it’s a family. Sandy, the owner, has put her heart and soul into this place. Every instructor takes the time to get to know every individual who walks through the door. During classes, variations for all poses are given in order to accommodate yogis of every level. On a more personal note, Anna’s classes have helped me to discover my inner stillness and learn to heal myself. Thank you Anna, you are truly a wonderful mentor and friend.

I have loved every class I have taken at Foundations Yoga! All of the instructors are wonderful . The atmosphere is so peaceful and relaxing. They have classes that meet the needs of all levels.

This place has saved me, really. I found a post of theirs on Instagram or Facebook and decided to swing by for Hugo's Sunday meditation. His strong, firm tone makes you feel safe to wander up into other realms. It brought tears to my eyes as the mantras reminded me to connect to the quiet peace inside that I had forgotten in the past few tumultuous weeks upon returning to suburban New Jersey. I met Sandy, the owner, and Anna another teacher, and they all welcomed me into the community. The Reiki sessions with Ashley have been crucial during this time as well. She is a gentle, knowledgeable guide whose soothing voice and calm energy help bring you back into a state of Love. So so thankful.

I am so glad I found Foundations two years ago. This small boutique studio opened my eyes and helped me begin my yoga practice journey. All of the instructors are amazing and I have learned so much for each of them! Anyone looking for small classes, where you can receive individual attention, this is the place to go.
And Sandy has an amazing shop at the front of the studio, that is a great place for gifts (for others or yourself!)

This studio is the best yoga studio I've ever been to--to me it is a second home and everybody is so kind and welcoming. I feel I practice yoga in its truest form allowing me to not just relax with each pose, but to become more self aware. It has really been like a healing for me which is beyond what I have experienced at many other studios where they felt more like a gym workout. This studio has really strengthened my yoga and meditation practice as well as myself as a whole. If you want the real deal of a yoga experience then come here. You can't beat the price of a subscription either!

I went to their grand opening and fell in love with the space and teachers! I’ve taken class with Katie, Hugo, and Anna. I can’t say enough about how warm, thoughtful, challenging, and healing all their classes have been. The classes I have taken were vinyasa flow style-NOT heated! So hard to find these days!! You will not regret starting or continuing your yoga journey here. Small intimate space, you don’t even need your own mat because everything is supplied for you-just show up!

Vanessa Irene

Sandy uses lots of movement to keep the children's attention.  She speaks clearly.  Sandy uses positive, engaging, age appropriate language.  I love the music that she plays, and the way she incorporates a story into the session.

Kathleen Diefes
Sandy provides clear, age appropriate instruction to her young students and is able to maintain a fun learning environment. Both of my daughters truly enjoyed her class and asked when they could go to another on our way out the door!

Amy Borchin

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