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Crystal Healing

Crystal healing sessions are designed to balance the energy within your body. These sessions are intended to be a deeply relaxing experience.

A heated amethyst bio mat and amethyst pillow are provided for clients to lay on during these sessions to enhance healing and provide additional comfort.

Crystal healing sessions are completed with the client laying comfortably on their back. Blankets and bolsters are provided for additional comfort.

This noninvasive session begins with the practitioner placing crystals below the feet and above the head as you are guided through the process of entering a relaxed state and moving the energy freely through your body. The practitioner then uses a pendulum and hovers their hands over the body to sense the energy present at each of the seven main chakra centers. Crystals are placed on the body to bring all chakra centers back into a balanced state.

Reiki healing and essential oils may be included to enhance the session.

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