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Group Yoga Classes

60 minute adult yoga

Group Yoga classes are offered daily. Classes are available to students of all levels. Those who are new to yoga are always welcomed. Foundations is an intimate studio that allows for students to receive individual attention and guidance throughout each class.

30 minute meditation

Class begins with a centering practice and two breathing exercises to help prepare the mind and body for guided meditation.  The guided meditation will vary each week.  A meditation practice will help build concentration and awareness, as well as create a deeper sense of peace and relaxation. 

Group Reiki class

Class begins with a short breathing exercise and/or meditation followed by hands on Reiki healing for each participant. Crystals and tuning forks may be placed on or near your body. Participants may experience deep relaxation, colors, sensations, or images. 

About Us

Foundations Yoga is a boutique style studio that embraces a traditional approach to yoga helping our community develop a greater sense of both physical and emotional well-being.  Foundations offers Reiki and crystal healing services.  Our boutique items include crystals, meditation items and more!

Foundations is not a hot yoga studio.

Contact us directly to inquire about children's yoga, family yoga, birthday parties, private yoga sessions, private Reiki & crystal healing, and workshops.

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